8460 Beechmont Ave Cincinnati, Ohio 45255
(513) 474-7500

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Lunch Hours
Mon to Sat 11:30 am to 2:30 pm
Sunday 12:00 am to 3:00 pm

Dinner Hour
Mon to Sat 5:00 pm to 10:00 pm
Sunday 5:00 pm to
9:00 pm



Papdum (4 Pcs) - Crisp spicy lentil wafer $1.25
Vegetable Pakora - Assorted fresh fritters $3.00
Vegetable Samosa (2 pcs) - Deep friend crips pastries stuffed with mildly spiced potatoes and green peas $3.00
Keema Samosa (2 pcs) - Mildly spiced beef filled pastries $3.99
Paneer Pakora - Homemade cheese cubes lightly spiced and batter fried $3.99
Chicken Pakora - Tender boneless batter fried chicken marinated with spices $3.99
Chicken Dippers - Traditional boneless fried chicken $3.99
Assorted Vegetable Platter - A sampling of vegetarian appetizers $4.99
Mixed Platter - A sampling of appetizers including chicken pakora and paneer pakora $5.99
Special Vegetable Samosa - Mildly spiced deep fried potato pastries served with choley, fresh yogurt,
onions & tamarind sauce $5.99


Salad Freshly sliced tossed salad with herbs and lemon $3.00
Katchumber Fresh chopped cucumbers, onions and tomatoes with spices $3.00


Dal Soup Deliciously mild lentil soup $3.00
Mulligatawny Soup Lentil soup with chicken, herbs, and spices $3.50


Hot Pickles $1.00
Sweet Mango Chutney $2.00
Raita A tangy mixture of cucumber and tomato in a fresh homemade yogurt $2.00

Indian Breads

Nan Traditional Indian style bread $2.00
Chapati (Roti) Traditional baked whole wheat bread $2.00
Parantha Multi-layered whole wheat bread $2.00
Bhatura Crispy fried bread $2.00
Poori (2pcs) Whole wheat bread deep fried $2.50
Garlic Nan Traditional Indian style bread with garlic $2.50
Onion Nan Bread stuffed with onion $2.50
Aloo Nan Stuffed with lightly spiced potatos $2.50
Paneer Nan Stuffed with homemade cheese lightly seasoned $2.50
Chicken Nan Stuffed with broiled chicken pieces $2.50
Aloo Parantha Multi-layered whole wheat bread with potatos $2.50
Hot & Spicy Nan Nan stuffed with green hot chilies $2.50
Keema Nan Nan bread stuffed with mildly spiced minced lamb $3.00
Chef Nan Stuffed with a combination of onions, garlic potatoes, and chicken $3.00

Combo Dinner Specials

Choley Bhature - Chick peas cooked with onions, garlic, served with Bhatura & rice $10.99
Chicken Choley - Boneless chunks of chicken cooked with chick peas & served with Bhatura & rice $11.99
Lamb Choley - Chick peas cooked with lamb served with Bhatura (fried) and rice $12.99
Lamb and Shrimp Curry - Mildly spiced shrimp and lamb in a curry sauce served with nan and rice $13.99

Tandoor Specials

Chicken Tandoori (with bone) - Chicken marinated in yogurt, mild spices and herbs $10.99
Chicken Tikka - Boneless marinated chicken pieces with green peppers and onions $11.99
Fish Tikka (mahi mahi) - Delicately broiled to perfection with green peppers and onions $13.99
Tandoori Shrimp - Fresh shrimp lightly seasoned and broiled over charcoal in our tandoor $13.99
Sheekh Kabab - Finely chopped lamb seasoned with onions and herbs and broiled in our tandoor $12.99
Tandoori Mixed Grill - Assorted delicacies from our charcoal fired tandoor $14.99

Vegetarian Specialties

Aloo Choley - Chick peas with potatoes prepared north Indian style $9.99
Matar Paneer - Fresh mild cheese cubes gentely cooked with tender green peas and spices $9.99
Aloo Saag - Potato cubes cooked in spinach and cream $9.99
Saag Paneer - Homemade cheese cubes cooked in spinach and cream $9.99
Aloo Matar - Peas and potato combination blended with aromatic spices $9.99
Malai Kofta - Mixed vegetable balls cooked in an onion and tomato sauce with nuts and resins $9.99
Mixed Vegetables - Fresh vegetables blended with spiced with a touch of curry sauce $9.99
Dal Makhani - Creamed lentils prepared with butter, cream and a touch of spice $9.99
Tarka Daal - Yellow lentils tampered with chili, garlic and ginger $9.99
Nav Ratan Korma - Gentle blend of mixed vegetables cashews and light cream with nuts and resins $9.99
Vegetable Jalfrezi - Fresh vegetables cooked with green peppers, tomatoes and onions $9.99
Aloo Gobi - Potatoes and cauliflower cooked with spices $9.99
Mushroom Matar - Tender mushrooms and green peas cooked with tomato sauce $9.99
Saag Choley - Chick peas and spinach cooked in tomato a cream sauce $9.99
Bayngan Bhartha - Eggplant cooked with green peppers and onions, mildly spiced $9.99
Bhindi Masala - Okra cooked with onions and mild spices $9.99
Shahi Panner - Homemade shredded cheese cooked with tomato and onion $9.99
Paneer Makhani Homemade cheese cubes cooked in tomato and cream sauce $9.99
Panner Chili - Homemade cheese cubes cooked with onion and green pepper $9.99

Chicken Specialties

Chicken Curry - Tender chicken pieces cooked in a light onion gravy $10.99
Chicken Shahi Korma - Succulent chicken pieces and cheese cubes gently simmered with nuts and raisins $10.99
Chicken Jalfrezi - Tender chicken cooked with green peppers, tomatoes and onions $10.99
Chicken Vindaloo - Chicken pieces and potatoes cooked in a tangy hot sauce $10.99
Chicken Tikka Masala - Lightly broiled shredded chicken cooked in a savory tomato, onion and butter sauce $10.99
Chicken Saag - Chicken pieces cooked with light spices spinach and cream $10.99
Chicken Matar - Tender chicken pieces cooked with green peas and spices $10.99
Chicken Makhani - Specially cooked marinated chicken pieces smothered with onions, tomatoes, butter, nuts and resins $10.99
Chili Chicken - Chicken pieces cooked with hot chili sauce $10.99
Chicken Tikka Saag - Boneless marinated chicken cooked with spinach, cream and tomato sauce $10.99
Special Chicken Tikka Masala - Chicken tikka masala cooked with onions and green bell peppers $10.99
Chicken Mushroom - Tender chicken pieces cooked with mushrooms $10.99
Sabaz Chicken - Tender chicken pieces cooked with mildly spiced fresh vegetables $10.99
Bistro Ginger Chicken - Boneless chicken cooked with ginger bell peppers, garlic & spices $10.99

Lamb Specialties

Lamb Curry - Lamb simmered in thick curry sauce $11.99
Lamb Do Piaza - Lamb smothered with tomatoes, onions, peppers and spices $11.99
Lamb Korma - Lamb blended with cream, cashews and raisins $11.99
Lamb Saag - Lamb cooked with spinach and light cream $11.99
Lam Vindaloo - Lamb simmered with potatoes in a tangy hot sauce $11.99
Lamb Mushroom - Lamb cooked with mushrooms $11.99
Lamb Rogan Josh - Lamb cooked in tomato sauce with a touch of yogurt $11.99
Bistro Ginger Lamb - Lamb cubes cooked with ginger garlic, bell pepper & spices $11.99

Seafood Specialties (Shrimp or Fish)

Traditional Curry - Your choice in thick curry sauce $12.99
Masala - Your choice skewered, marinated in yogurt and pan friend with rich tomatoes, curry and cream $12.99
Saag - Your choice simmered with spinach in a light cream sauce $12.99
Vindaloo - Your choice blended with potatoes in a tangy hot sauce $12.99
Bhuna - Your choice fried, smothered with onions, ginger, garlic, peppers and tomatoes $12.99
Kadai Ginger - Your choice cooked with fresh ginger, garlic, bell pepper & spices $12.99

Chef’s Recommendations

Ultimate Bistro Special - Chicken tikka and sheikh kabab cooked in a thick tomato, onion and butter sauce $15.99
Bistro Paneer Special - Homemade cheese cooked in a tomato, onion and butter sauce $10.99
Bistro Chicken Special - Chicken tikka cooked in a thick tomato, onion and butter sauce $12.99
Bistro Sheekh Kabab Special - Sheekh kabab cooked in a thick tomato, onion and butter sauce $13.99

Fried Rice Specialties

Vegetable Biryani - Basmati rice blended with fresh vegetables $10.99
Chicken Biryani - Basmati rice cooked with tender chunks of chicken and fresh vegetables $11.99
Lamb Biryani - Basmati rice cooked with lamb cubes and fresh vegetables $12.99
Shrimp Biryani - Fresh shrimp lightly tossed and cooked with vegetables $13.99
Combo Biryani - Chicken, lamb, shrimp and vegetables cooked in basmati rice $14.99


Lassi - Refreshing yogurt drink sweetened with rose water or salted with crushed cumin seeds $2.50
Mango Lassi - Chilled sweet mangoes blended with a touch of rose water and fresh homemade yogurt $2.50
Mango Milk Shake $2.50
Mango Juice $2.50
Iced Tea $1.50
Soft Drinks $1.50
Tea or Coffee $1.50
Special Tea (Chai) $1.50
Milk $1.50


Gulab Jamun (2pcs) - Fried cheese ball soaked in a honey syrup $2.50
Kheer - Indian style rice pudding $2.50
Kulfi - Indian style ice cream with the nutty taste of pistachios and a touch of rose water $3.00